Newsletter - Fall 2010

Dear Friends,
We hope this letter finds you full of hope and encouragement in these troubled times. Vic and I spent this summer ministering in Wyoming before moving on for meetings at a new work in Montana. Here are a few highlights....

Wheatland Hungry for God

We held eight services in Wheatland, Wyoming, for both churched and non- churched people. This is Vic’s hometown and he has a lot of friends and relatives who still remember him as a very WILD child and teen. They can’t believe he’s the same person, so he has lots of opportunities to share how God changed his life!


High in the Wyoming mountains, cowboys still ride
their horses to the little Esterbrook church.

Young Boy Offers “Thumbs Up”
Once again we had the privilege of ministering at the community church in the tiny town of Esterbrook, Wyoming. During the service, the pastor’s young grandson, Caleb, was sitting on the front row giving me the “thumbs up.” When I finished he looked at me and shouted for all to hear, “Everything you said is the truth!” Amen son! A teen from the congregation came up and said, “Thank you for coming. God’s call on my life was confirmed to me today.” What a blessing to be part of what God is doing there.

New Work in Thompson Falls, Montana
Pastor Brenda Crowe and her husband started Fellowship of Christ in Thompson Falls, Montana, a year ago. She had met me at a service in Paradise, California, where I was ministering ten years ago and knew I would speak at her church one day. This was the year!

Folks from three surrounding churches as well as non-churched attended the three evening meetings. The Holy Spirit healed Pastor Crowe from the pain caused by Fibromyalgia. Another pastor’s swollen foot was healed and he could walk without a brace. Through Holy Spirit laughter, people were set free from stress and could sleep for the first time in months.

To 13-year-old Noah’s surprise, I asked him to help at the altar. Vic showed him how to catch people when they went under the power of the Holy Spirit. He was thrilled to help. We need to train up our children in ministry.

It is your partnership in prayer and finances that enables us to go and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you! We are praying for you. Remember, we are only a phone call away if you want or need to speak with us!

Vic and Judy

esther.pngThe Blessing of the Elderly—What a Heritage!
Aunt Esther. We were so grateful to be in Wheatland for Vic’s Aunt Esther’s 90th birthday! She is a mighty woman of God and a wonderful influence for us all. I was blessed to take Aunt Esther to visit her 98-year-young sister and pray with them both!

While in the area I often visit people in the nursing home. I had the privilege of leading Millie, a former drinking buddy, to the Lord several years ago. And this year, just hours before she went home to be with the Lord, I was reading the Bible and praying with her.

Vic’s 95-year-old Dad. We visited Vic’s dad who lives in a nursing home in Thermopolis. Pops is eager to go be with Jesus! I encourage you to visit the elderly. Many are so hungry for someone to pray with them and just hold their hand.

GNM’s evangelistic ministry in the Wheatland newspaper is expanding! The following “Thought” appeared in a recent Platte County Record-Times....

Thought for the Week: Healthy Relationships
Many people struggle with relationships. To have healthy and whole human relationships, we have to have our vertical relationship correct. Our vertical relationship is from earth to heaven and vice-versa! Our vertical relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ must be Number One. In the numbering system you will only find ONE number one. How strong is your vertical relationship with Jesus? This will determine how healthy and whole your horizontal relationships will be with the people around you. When you put God as Number One in your life, He will help you with all your other relationships.



Children from the slums outside Manila, Philippines, line up for a free meal in a program sponsored by Pastor Ellis, head of Happyland School. GNM partners with Pastor Ellis as he educates, feeds, and provides teaching about Jesus to destitute children.
  Chaplain Danny Husk (centered, non- uniformed) stands with graduates from “Practical Life” classes that help inmates prepare for life on the outside. Danny presents graduates with Bibles and Judy’s books which GNM supplies. 

You, through GNM, are helping to bring JESUS to precious children and adults on the highways and byways of life.

Reminder: Donations to GNM are Tax- Deductible, but mail gets lost! If you do not receive a receipt within a month, GNM did not receive your gift!


Word for the hour: Be ready, be prepared, be watchful, for the Lord is returning soon!

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