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Screen_Shot_2014-09-21_at_12.11.52_PM.pngDear Friends,
Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, from Klamath in northwestern California. We pray you are well and walking close to the Lord. If not, NOW is the time to make that very important decision. Everywhere we look we see disaster and violence. I believe we are living in what Jesus said in Matthew 24. Read and mediate on the words of Jesus. If we look through the eyes of the world, we see everything spinning out of control, but if we look through the eyes of the Lord, we see hope, no matter what.

Outreach to the Homeless

 Vic and I reached out to the needy on the streets of Crescent City last month. We gave out lunches which included the Gospel of John. Every person was so grateful to get a lunch and to have us pray over them. I often think that except for the grace of God, there go I!

I often remember what a mom told me 20 years ago at one of our outreaches. She said, “My son is out there on the streets. If you find him, tell him to come home!” So when I gave a lunch to a teenager who was living from house to house and was hungry and sick, I told him he needed to go home. He said he had called his mom and she was coming to get him. Praise the Lord. Wrong decisions yesterday have molded their today! 

Ministering from the Pulpit

A few weeks ago I ministered at Hope Ministry Worship Center in Crescent City. They are in a wonderful new facility. Many people were touched by the words of the Holy Spirit who led me to remind them that WE are overcomers and more than conquerors! And it’s only because of the cross and blood of Jesus! I told them: 

  • We have to choose to believe God and His promises;
  • We have to speak those promises boldly;
  • We have to do our part and God will do the rest;
  • EXPECT a miracle.


Chains were broken and the gift of faith imparted! We all left different than when we came in! Praise the Lord! Wherever we live, the Lord wants us to rise up and choose to make a difference in our communities and society!

Vic & Judy Baus

California Drought Cause for Prayer

A huge issue in California is drought! Many people’s wells are drying up. My mom (Hazel) lives in the northern part which is where Good News has its base. Mom has two wells for her 20 acres and we were getting a little concerned, so whenever I sense that happening, I look for Scripture to stand on. I found Jeremiah 17:8 ...And will not fear when heat comes; ... And will not be anxious in the year of drought, Nor will cease from yielding fruit. I told mom we shall all stand on this and know that OUR WELLS WILL NOT GO DRY; so far they have not!


Screen_Shot_2014-09-21_at_12.12.03_PM.pngHappyland School

Pastor Ellis writes:

“We held a number of camps and Vacation Bible Schools for children and youth this summer. It was exciting to see that the majority of youth leaders were former Happyland preschool students! We are so grateful for prayers and financial support that is helping to change lives for eternity.

Fire on the Water Ministry by Vic

While at Klamath, I do salmon fishing and keep my boat at the dock. Late one night a knock came at our door. Judy woke me to handle the situation. Two young men had been caught stealing my gas tank out of my boat. One of them said he and his friend had run out of gas in their boat and they just wanted to borrow the tank so they could take their boat back to their truck. They said they were going to return the tank. They had been drinking and were stealing; do I believe them?
Before I got involved Judy was Judy and talked about the drinking and how if I let them take the gas tank, it was only because of the grace and love of God. They left about $100 with me and said they would be back in 20 minutes and off they went.
Before long we heard their boat spitting and sputtering; then bam. They’d hit a sand bar. Soon they were back needing a ride to their truck. Now it is very late at night! These two young men whom I did not know and who had been drinking and stole my gas tank now needed a ride about 5 miles away to a remote area! But I was not nervous because I felt something good about them. I do believe that was the Holy Spirit telling me they need the light of Jesus which is in you Vic! So I gave them a ride, gave them back their money, and blessed them. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).

Judy's Books

Judy’s books, Faith, Does It Really Move Mountains? and On the Road Again with God are now out in Spanish! Do you have your copy in either English or Spanish? Let us know!

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