Newsletter - Spring 2011

Dear Friends,
Greetings from San Jose, California. It has been a very busy three months for us as it probably has been for you. Vic and I arrived in San Jose in January for another season of ministry in the Bay Area. Vic’s ministry is mainly working in his profession as a carpenter at Jubilee Christian Center, while I minister to individuals, churches and outreaches as far away as Reno.

Before reaching San Jose, we took our bus in for repairs to a shop in Mesa, Arizona. We stayed on the shop’s lot for several days while they ordered parts and did the work. We got to know the mechanics and shared with them about the Lord and what Good News Ministries is about. One of the guys wanted to bring his wife to meet us. The two of them had been saved from a life of drugs for only a year and they now ministered to those they once ran with. His wife told me, “I want all God has and I know there is more than I have now.” I said, “Yes, there is! You need your prayer language for the power!” We prayed and she received! Thank you Jesus!

In Quartzsite, Arizona, we visited a ministry that works among the homeless community. We had given this ministry some of their first blankets for distribution years earlier. We’ve watched them grow to where they now feed up to 150 people a day. I preached at their service and the Holy Spirit healed and delivered. One woman had been on pills for chronic back pain. She came up for prayer. The next day she shared that she had not taken any pain pills and had NO PAIN in her back! Again, thank you Jesus!

outreachWhen we reached San Jose, our truck was loaded with clothing for an outreach in the East San José

Spring 2011
area among the Hispanic people. Several small churches had banned together for the outreach. It was lovely to see the unity in the Spirit among these believers. God sent perfect weather on that Sunday afternoon, even though rain was in the forecast. The churches provided music and hot dogs and other food.

Residents not only received good second-hand clothing they so badly needed, but they had a lot of fun too. Many people in the community were touched by the love of God.

This is just a small part of what the Lord is doing through Good News Ministries. Your prayers and support enable us to minister to people right where they are along the highways and byways of life. Thank you for your partnership. We pray increased health and wealth to each of you.

Encouraging Word for 2011
20 means “redemption” 11 means “judgment and disorder”

Are you concerned about the chaos and disorder in our country and world? Judgment is coming. Take courage! The people of God are the redeemed because of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. So go through the year knowing that the redeemed will override the disorder and judgment in this world.

Remember too, we are seeing the power of God healing and delivering in these days. He is coming against two dominate spirits that are showing up as never before—cancer and mental illness. We have to stand against these evil spirits. Remember that you have the mind of Christ which is sound, full of hope, encouragement, comprehension, and faith. We who belong to Him are healed now, by the stripes Jesus bore on his back for us. Cancer has no right to cling to us. Let’s stand against all that is being thrown at us from the devil.

It is time to press in and not turn back! The devil wants to cause us to doubt because of all that is going on, but don’t allow it. Remember, we don’t base our faith on our own or someone else’s experience—only on the WORD of God. Amen!

happylandHappyland is a Christian outreach for poorer children in a Manila, Philippines, suburb. Good News Ministries comes alongside Pastor Ellis at Happyland with support toward the teachers’ salaries and funding of parties such as this.

Pastor Ellis writes, “Thanks to Good News Ministries, our children had a great Christmas program with skits, songs, presents and cake!”

Forty-four preschool students will be graduating in March. Good News will provide cake for this happy celebration! Happyland also provides a meal for 120 children on Saturdays. For some, this is their only meal of the day.

Lodi Women Make New Start in Life
In Lodi, California, I spoke to about 16 women, most from a nearby rehabilitation center. I talked about “turning points in their lives.” They were all touched by God, and a half dozen got their prayer language. It certainly was a turning point for them!

Pray for our Troops!
In our last newsletter we mistakenly reported that Michael, the solider Good News supports through prayer and care packages, is stationed in Iraq. It is actually Afghanistan. We send care packages to Michael for him and his troops. Soon Michael will be home soon and his family can hardly wait! Keep praying for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our soldiers!

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