Newsletter - Spring 2012

March 2012

Dear Friends,
Greetings from San Jose, CA. Our home/bus has been been parked on the Jubilee Christian Center grounds since just after Christmas. It’s a blessing to be here where Vic can do carpentry work for Jubilee and help fill our coffer so we can go out on the highways and byways once again in the spring. Too, it is good to meet friends and ministries we’ve been a part of for many years.

January marked our annual clothing, food, and Bible outreach in a Hispanic area of San Jose. Two congregations joined in the outreach and handed out flyers the two Saturdays before it was held. People came from all over San Jose. One homeless man walked across town to get food and clothing for himself and his friends. I love the one-on-one time, helping people find clothing that works best for them. I gave him a scarf and hat one of our friends had knitted. “It gets cold at night and this sure will keep me warm,” he said. “Thanks!”

Before the food distribution, one of the pastors gave a powerful word on “hope.” A good number of people were saved, healed, and set free from bondages. We returned to our homes exhausted but with great joy.


Another rewarding ministry is with the Hispanic youth at People’s Cathedral in San Jose. Sunday evenings, I’ve been teaching from God’s Word how to make good decisions and the consequences of bad ones. Recently we’ve been studying about the walk and talk of a true child of God. God has given me favor with the teens and we have fun. They do know who is for them. The pastor tells me, “They listen to you Judy!” Praise God.

Thank you for making all this possible by your giving both prayerfully and financially. We are advancing the kingdom of God together. We pray for you and know that God is your provision and your healer!

Vic and Judy Baus

Good News Ministries
9309-99 W Hwy, Gerber, CA 96035 530-385-1271
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hazel2012.pngJudy’s mother, Hazel, and Vic enjoy a lighter moment while loading the truck with clothing for the San Jose outreach. Hazel gathers and sorts the clothing throughout the year for outreaches. One partner of GN knits warm, colorful hats and scarves for the needy. For the San Jose outreach, she made eight 20-gallon bags full of warmth! GN is blessed with such giving people who in turn bless others.

Our storehouse is emptied each year leaving the shelves totally bare. We wait eagerly to see God’s leading for an outreach in 2013.

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  • Want biblical answers to a problem about marriage, a rebellious teen, depression, fear, old age, or something else? Judy writes about these in articles that appear in secular newspapers. The articles are also posted on the Good News website: Read them yourself at
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Pray for our Troops!

america.pngGood News sends blessing packages to Joseph in Afghanistan. We also keep in touch with his wife, Kenia, and family.

Kenia recently wrote Good News: “THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the love and support. It's absolutely amazing and uplifting to see that there are people out there who care for our troops.... We really appreciate the cards and packages being sent. Just knowing my husband and family are thought of and being prayed for brings peace to my heart.”

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