Newsletter - Spring 2015

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Dear Friends,
Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ whose name is above every name! We are writing from San Jose, CA, where Vic has been working the last two months for Jubilee Christian Center (JCC) in their carpentry shop. Jubilee has been utilizing Vic’s craftsman skills for over 15 years.

Everywhere you look in all the buildings of this beautiful facility, Vic’s signature can been seen!

I had the privilege of teaching at the Jubilee women’s meeting and the Holy Spirit gave us a tremendous outpouring. We had deliverance from the spirit of insignifance and a release of the gift of faith and boldness. The cross of Jesus Christ levels the field where there are no big or little people in God’s eyes. Everyone is of the same importance to our Lord! Three women received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues, and those who already spoke in tongues received wind of refreshing!

Spring 2015

We’ve seen the Bay Area change over the years we have been coming. The need for the Gospel becomes greater every year. Crime is escalating. In the middle of the day in the church parking lot people are smashing windows and grabbing things from cars. This happened to us.... In our case, all they got was a bag they thought was a purse and it was filled with books about Jesus! I hope they read and get saved! God uses all things and situations.

Because of your prayers and support we can go reaching out to people along
the way with the only Hope they have, Jesus! We pray health and provision over each of you and for the Lord to keep you in His perfect peace. Thank you so much for your faithful commitment to GN and our outreach to America!

Vic and Judy Baus Good News Ministries

Vic and Judy reach out in San Jose, Red Bluff, and Corning with sandwiches,
the Gospel of John, prayer  and a word of encouragement. I n cold weather,
they also distribute scarves and hats knit by long-time friend and partner
Pat Campbell who went to her heavenly home in January. We surely miss Pat.
The man on the right proudly wears his new scarf and hat.

Outreaches in Northern California

During the Christmas season I worked with the Salvation Army in various ways. Twice I stood in front of Wal-Mart with a friend and partner of Good News, Rae Eaton, ringing the famous Salvation Army bell and gathering money for the needy. We had a great time. We prayed over people who needed answers from the Lord.

Spirit of Life Church in Los Molinos. A grandmother who had been praying for her grandson for years saw him come to Christ. The hope and prayer of all grandmothers! The Holy Spirit brought a much needed refreshing to all.

Then down the road at the Tehama Assembly of God church in Tehama, people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with their heavenly language; all received renewed strength.

It was a joy to work with the Women of Excellence at Family Life Church in Chico. Many were baptized in the Holy Spirit and received their heavenly language. The Lord showed each woman how significant they are to God and His Kingdom.

I Know You!

During the service in Chico, a couple were being sent out as missionaries to India. When I took the pulpit, I gave the couple a word from the Lord. Afterwards, the husband stood and said, “I receive that! And I know you! I was the facilitator for the books in prison so I handled your books!”

This man had once served time in San Quentin where he came across my books. Our books are in hundreds of prisons and jails across the USA! Who but God could put that timing together to meet him at this church. The steps of the righteous are ordered by God!

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