Summer 2009

Dear Friends,
Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus! We are now in Wyoming where I will be ministering at House of Prayer in Wheatland, and Vic will be involved in Fire on the Water fishing ministry.

We have had a full three months since our last letter! As you may know, besides being an ordained minister, Vic is a finish carpenter/ cabinet maker. Pastor Dick Bernal from Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose has put Vic’s talent to work for many winters now, which helps us get enough money for our personal bills. We are so grateful and blessed by that!

I left San Jose before Vic to pick Mom up at the GNM base in Gerber, CA. We took a truck load of food to Klamath, CA. This year the food and a donation for craft items went to the Yurok tribe elementary afterschool program. Veronica Van Mechelen put together this program that handles 60 students, with others on a waiting list. It provides a hot meal , the only nutritious one some of them get. The classes are practical and fun ranging from cooking to science. The cooking class students helped us unload the truck before taking us on a tour.

Bidding farewell to our California family, we headed out ready for whatever the Lord put in our path. The highways and byways are full of people who are in crisis situations and need hope. We bring them Jesus, the only hope.

We preached at churches in Arizona, New Mexico, and Louisiana. They all needed a fresh touch from God. In each place, the Holy Spirit brought salvation to the lost, healing to the sick,  deliverance to the bound, and hope and joy to all. After our meetings, one pastor told his people, “We are in a higher place with God now, but with that also comes a higher place of responsibility.” kids_summer2009.jpg

Thank you for your continued faithful support to this ministry. We pray for you daily. Remember to keep your eyes on Jesus because He is the only true “stimulus package.” If you need special prayer we are just a phone call or an email away. We are advancing the Kingdom of God together. Our fruit is your fruit! Vic and Judy Baus


9309 99W Hwy, Gerber, CA 96035
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danhusk_summer2009.jpgGod Brought Me from My Deathbed

God Brought Me from My Deathbed
--by Dan Husk

My wife Gloria (pictured left center) and I first met Judy and Vic in 1995 at the Ho-Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, Florida. Over the years, we kept in touch. By March 2004, I needed a second open heart surgery. Just before the operation, Judy called to pray with us by phone. Sadly, all the risks the doctors had warned us about came to pass and I fell into a coma.

My wife told me later that on the sixth day as she was visiting me in ICU, Judy called. Gloria put the phone to my ear and as Judy was praying for me, Gloria saw the first signs of life from me— a slight movement in my fingers . . . and a teardrop.
I eventually recovered enough to be moved to a rehab facility. One day Judy called to let us know that she and Vic were on their way to Georgia to pick up a refurbished newer bus. I could not believe my eyes when they walked into my rehab room there in Florida . . . to think they’d come far out of their way just to see me!
Today I feel stronger than I’ve felt for many years. Besides helping in my church, I am involved in prison outreach. God has truly enlarged my tent! I’ve been a Christian since 1976, but it wasn’t until after the operation in 2004 that He and I got a lot closer! I could not have imagined then the things God had in store for me. He truly wants to bless us, and I’m so grateful that one of those blessings has been the friendship of Vic and Judy.

Fire on the Water

Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew everything in advance and had all our ducks in a row, all singing the same song? But like Judy says, that is not faith! Most years God has not shown me beforehand what He wants to do with my time at the lake in Glendo, Wyoming. Each year the Lord has touched lives through this fishing ministry. So I stand in faith once again knowing that God will direct people my way for a day of fishing and encouraging them in the Lord.vic_summer2009.jpg

Bits N Pieces

• Good News Ministries continues to stand by our troops in prayer and faith!  
• Don’t forget to read the newspaper articles on the web. Have a question? Send it to Judy.
• We gave more of Judy’s books to three prison libraries in Carrabelle, Florida, through Danny. Now more than 1000 of Judy’s books have been donated to over 100 correctional facilities.     

Prayer requests? Contact Dr. Judy Baus at

Our new website is up and running. Check it out and give us your comments. 

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