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holy-ghost.pngDear Friends,
I pray this letter finds you in good health and close to the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to share a few highlights from the past three months so that you can rejoice with Vic and me over what the Holy Spirit has been and is doing in people’s lives. Remember, our fruit is your fruit!

I spoke at Family Life Church in Chico, CA, on a subject that is very near and dear to me—for believers to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the SIGN of speaking in new tongues. Several people received their prayer language. One man had been waiting for his language for over 30 years! When scriptural understanding came, so did the release of that powerful new tongue and it changed his life!
From California to Louisiana, in churches such as this (Chico) and along the highways and byways, the glory of the Lord was manifest, changing lives forever!

At Rehobath Church in Reno, I told the congregation, “You cannot get a touch from the Lord and be refreshed if you hold something against someone.” I called for them to come and release those people or situations to the Lord. People were at the altar when all of a sudden a young boy came running up with his hands in the air. I bent down and asked him, “Has someone been mean to you and you want to forgive them?” He said, “Yes, and I want to give it to the Lord!” We should all be like that child!

During our four services at Latter Rain Fellowship in Las Cruces, NM, both children and adults received their new language. The Lord healed individuals, brought deliverance from bondage, and brought a refreshing to all!

During the service, one brother in Christ put his hand on Vic’s back and his hand was full of heat. Vic said, “Put your hand on my foot!” Heat shot through Vic’s foot, and he felt relief from pain that he hadn’t had for a long time. Thank you Jesus!

During a four-day revival at Praise Fellowship in Winnsboro, LA, a brother in Christ needed help to get around, but after he received God’s healing, he began dancing before the Lord and walked without help! Many received their new tongue also. Lives were changed and all were refreshed. Pastor Jerry said, “Wow, look what God has done here in this little Louisiana town!”

Thank you for your prayer and financial support which enables us to take the Gospel to the highways and byways of our great but needy nation. We are praying for you!

Vic & Judy Baus

Judy’s Latest Book

On the Road Again With God

ontheroad.pngExcerpt— “Being a victim or a victor in any circumstance is a choice for all of us. Some days bring more challenging circumstances than others but each of us faces something, somewhere, each and every day. I was a victim of circumstances for many years, but now I am victorious, no matter what comes my way, I’ll share how you too can be a victor each and every day.”

GNM partner Frank Huffer wrote:
“Dear Judy, Thank You!! Finished your book (On the Road Again...). It was great...God has blessed you and is inspiring to me...Love the verse ending the book...Thank you for sharing.”

Faith, Does It Really Move Mountains?faith.png

Excerpt— “One enemy to faith is fear. We have to see God bigger than our situation. The devil is not afraid of us, but true people of faith create a problem for him. The devil
doesn’t care if we go to church...what he cares about is faith. When we step out in faith and do something, the devil gets concerned.”

A man serving 10 years in a Louisiana prison recently wrote Judy:
“I just got done reading your Faith book. It was a wonderful book. Great material, great points. It had an amazing message .... Thank you for blessing me with such an amazing book to read... I want to share what I have learned with others.”

The money from every book sale goes back into purchasing more books to send to service personnel, place in prisons, and give out on the road.

Order from and Both books also available as an eBook.

Fire on the Water Ministry by Vic

firevic.pngJudy and I have stayed in the same RV Park in Monroe, LA, for many years before we head on to Pastor Jerry’s church. Each year we visit with Jack who lives in that park. He turns 96 this month. One day on our way back from fishing, Judy and I walked by Jack’s place and greeted him saying, “See you tomorrow.” Jack’s response surprised us. “Will you?” he asked. What a statement to ponder. Jack told us he prays every night and Judy said, “Great! Then you know Jesus is your Lord and heaven is your Home.”

We should all let Jack’s comment sink in. Will we see others tomorrow? We better make sure we know Jesus is our Savior and Lord and that heaven is our Home!

~ Study Mark 16:15-18; Acts chapters 1 & 2 ~

~Word of the Lord~
Do Not Quit! Cry Out to the Lord! To quit means to give up, to relinquish. To cry out means to scream or yell. In Hebrew and Greek, it means to shriek! When we quit, we are not going forward, and when we are not going forward, we have quit! To just hang on is like treading water; one day you get tired and let go! King David made a lot of mistakes but God still considered him a man after His heart. Why? He repented quickly and cried to the Lord for guidance! We must do the same.


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