Winter 2008

Dear Friends,
May the Lord bless you at this very special season! Vic and I are back in Gerber, CA, at Mom’s (Hazel Plemons) which is the home base of Good News Ministries. Throughout the year we gather and store supplies here including clothing and food items for people in need. We give these out when the need arises.

The need arose this fall when the hunger of some of the children of the Yurok tribe in Klamath, CA, was brought to our attention. The Yurok reservation of 63,035 acres has an 80 % poverty rate and 70% of the people do not have telephone service or electricity.   

After seven months on the road, it is really good to be with our families again. Yes, we are blessed with all this electronic stuff that keeps us close, but there’s nothing like being face to face! It is fun to have Mom traveling with me while in the area.

Each person who works with Good News Ministries, including Vic and me, is a volunteer. We could not go from place to place across this great nation if it were not for your prayers and financial support. We pronounce a blessing over each of you and pray that God will touch every area of your life and your family’s life!

From our hearts to yours,  MERRY CHRISTMAS

A Word for Today

Which do you choose….
• To get excited about the times? This can only happen when we choose to believe what the Bible tells us…or
• To get under the pressure of the times? This happens when we place more faith in what we see happening around us than we do in the promises of our mighty God!

We cannot have it both ways, so which do you choose?
Jesus came as a baby the first time but He died on the cross for the sins of the world as a man! He is coming back as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. What do you choose to believe this Christmas season?

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever! (Hebrews 13:8)

9309 99W Hwy, Gerber, CA 96035
Donations are tax-deductible

A Note from Vic winter2008-2.jpg

Since our last letter to you, I’ve spent many hours which turned into weeks repairing the Good News bus! First the slide-out would not come in or go out. This was a big dilemma and I had to really confess the Word to keep my cool. I took every part of the slide-out apart and put it back together time after time. I would ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom because I had no idea why it was not working.

I realized I had to make this a project and a challenge instead of a frustrating dilemma! It was my choice. Did the situation change right away? NO, but my attitude sure did. I know that soon the slide-out will be working great!

Now as you can see in the picture I am again under the bus full of grease looking at another opportunity to complete another project that sure has a CHALLENGE attached to it and that is ENGINE problems.

“Hey Judy, is this what Paul is talking about when he said in 1 Corinthians 4:17, For our light affliction which is but for a moment is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory?”
Judy says the light affliction works for us an exceeding and eternal weight of glory because it becomes a character builder and allows us to pray, trust, and believe His Word! God allows us to see where we are with Him by passing or failing these tests of life! I want you all to know I passed the test and I’m still being tested and I choose to pass this one also!

Good News Updates

Klamath, Crescent City, Redding (CA), and Reno (NV). We reached out to churches, missions, and a women’s home with the gospel of Christ. In each place the Holy Spirit brought salvation, healing, deliverance, and His renewing, refreshing presence.

Military. A soldier we have been sending to is home safe and sound!   Praise God!

San Quentin Prison. We continue to send a box of teaching materials, Bibles, and Christian literature each quarter for the chaplains to use among the inmates.

Evangelizing through secular newspaper! Around 2,600 homes reached with the Platte County Record-Times (Wyoming). What a privilege to write two different columns each month on life issues. To read the articles, go to

Happyland in the Philippines. This is still one of our most prayerful outreaches. A poor community continues to be touched with the gospel. The children are being taught by Happyland teachers (pictured below). Good News encourages this ministry through prayer, visits, and finances as God leads.


Prayer requests? Contact Dr. Judy Baus at

Our new website is up and running. Check it out and give us your comments. 

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