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Praising God for 25 Years of Ministry!

Dear Friends,
It’s with great joy that Vic and I greet you this newsletter as we celebrate 25 years of ministry. Many of you have been with us for many years, some from the very start, praying and supporting this ministry. How we thank you. Our 25 years on the road preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been a GREAT journey with God. We have seen so many things unfold as we followed the leading of the Holy Spirit...and still are! God told us in the beginning to stand on Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We have done just that for 25 years now. And will continue to stand on this promise until He calls us Home.

We want to highlight a few of the outreaches and avenues the Lord has taken the Good News team on. I say team because GN could never have accomplished so much for the Lord if not for our volunteers and prayer and financial supporters.

Clothing Ministry We started the clothing outreach around 20 years  ago. Vic built a room at Mom’s ranch in Gerber, CA to house the clothing until an apartment complex, trailer park or church opens in need of the clothing. Each year God supernaturally fills the storehouse up. We’ve also helped churches start their own clothing ministry.
Mom is 90 years old now and still helps organize clothing into the storehouse and load the truck for deliveries. She is such a blessing to GNM!

Secular Newspaper
About 15 years ago I was asked to write a column for the Platte County Record-Times. I did so, and now many years and many editors later, I’m still writing a weekly evangelistic column.

Path of the SpiritBooks Through the years I (Judy) have written four books. 1) My testimony From Rags to Riches 2) Faith—Does It Really Move Mountains? 3) On the Road Again with God and 4) Path of the Spirit. Books have been placed in hundreds of RV parks, prisons, libraries, and given to homeless people. Books are available on

Troops Overseas For years, we’ve had the privilege of praying for and sending care packages to service men and women overseas. They tell us the practical and fun items we include make them smile and remind them that people back home appreciate their sacrifice for our country. We always include a Bible!

Fire on the Water Ministry

Fire On the Water Ministry Vic began this seasonal ministry 20 years ago. Vic has met many wonderful people through the fishing ministry and helped to impart Jesus’ love to them. The Holy Spirit has it on hold for the time being.

Daily Devotional Text A few years ago, I started texting a Scripture and brief encouragement each day to teenagers. This really seemed to meet a need as more and more people asked to be added to the list. If you want to receive this very short daily encouragement, just text me at 530 520 1948.

Lunches! For 25 years, Vic and I have been packing lunches for the homeless. We include one of my books, the Gospel of John, hygiene items, socks, hats and gloves, etc. What a privilege to pray with individuals, plant seeds, and lead some to Christ!

Mission Trips Years past, Mom and I had the privilege of ministering in Russia. Three other times, I visited a ministry in the Philippines that Good News has been a part of for many years. Happyland Preschool was started by our friend, Ellis, to help very poor children in the slums of Manila. On my visits, I ministered to the teachers and staff who work tirelessly in a very difficult environment.

Vic & Judy Baus

Preaching/Teaching As an evangelistic team, we always preach the life-saving power of the Gospel and God brings signs, wonders, and miracles — whether it’s a church, a nursing home, or a Sunday service in an RV park. Vic and I are called to the smaller, lesser known churches that often need encouragement ... such as Esterbrook Church in the mountains of Wyoming. After the service, one of the cowboys introduced me to his “ride.”

Yes, it’s been 25 amazing years on the road with God. Has the road always been smooth? It surely has NOT. It is the enemy’s job to cause bumps in all of our journeys, but the Lord will always help us over the bumps to reach where He has sent us.

Our fruit is your fruit, and whether you have been partners with us for 25 years or just a few days, we say a big Thank You! We say to you, Dream Big because we serve a Big God. The world needs hope and His name is Jesus! We love you.

Good News Ministries

Vic & Judy Baus

Word of the Lord


Good News Ministries
9309-99 W Hwy, Gerber, CA 96035 |  530 520 1948;
Donations are Tax-Deductible

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