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Articles posted in the Platte County Record Times by Dr. Judy Baus of Good News Ministries!

1/1/2018  January, 2018 - What Gate Are You Opening?
I am sitting in front of a drug counselor’s office waiting for a young man to finish his session. We will then go for a drug test and then to an AA meeting. As I am doing all of this, the Holy Spirit is showing me how this young man took some wrong turns in his life. He was raised in church, his parents are pastors, and he was a drummer on the worship team since he was quite young. How could he go from the mountain top with God to the pit of the world? He lost everything and I do mean everything except his very life. It could have been so much worse, but this is bad enough!
12/1/2017  December, 2017 - Where Do You Get Your Identity?
I am seeing many people go through some very hard health issues. Some of these people are allowing these hardships to become their identity. Whatever we are going through or whatever it has done to us physically -- that is not who we are, but it is what we have or are going through. Huge difference!
11/1/2017  November, 2017 - In God We Trust—Really? by Dr. Judy Baus
This Thanksgiving, we should all really think about this country and how grateful we are to live here. None of the countries I know of have the freedom and privileges we have here. This holiday called Thanksgiving is based on the Pilgrims and Puritans who gave thanks to God for bringing them safely to this country in 1620. We owe them a lot for leaving their homeland to set out on a long and dangerous passage seeking freedom to worship God. Those who survived the trip gave prayers and thanks to God in whom they trusted.
9/1/2017  September, 2017 - No Guarantees About Tomorrow by Dr. Judy Baus
Have you ever been in an earthquake? I was raised in California and experienced plenty of them. When it happens, you sure see how temporal things around you are. Vic and I have seen the destruction caused by tornadoes as we minister throughout the USA. And we see on the news the destruction caused by wildfires in so many states every summer.
8/1/2017  August, 2017 - Are you hearing from God? by Dr. Judy Baus
I have been writing this column for many years now and each column I write, I ask the Holy Spirit what is needed for us to read this week. Today He said John 14:6: Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
6/1/2017  June, 2017 - Never give up! by Dr. Judy Baus
As I was contemplating what I should encourage you with this month, the Holy Spirit spoke saying, “Never give up and get to Jesus!” I look around and see so many people who have given up on their hopes and dreams. I am on the phone a LOT praying with people who have these same exact issues. There’s only one answer to that and it is just what the Holy Spirit said -- Never give up and get to Jesus.