June 2009 - God Brought Me From My Death Bed


The message it contains will help you better deal with whatever you are facing as you consider the faithfulness of God in this one manís life.óDr. Judy Baus

Dear Readers,

For my column today, I thought you would be encouraged to read the following story written by a friend. The message it contains will help you better deal with whatever you are facing as you consider the faithfulness of God in this one man’s life.—Dr. Judy Baus

By Dan Husk, friend of Judy and Vic Baus

My wife Gloria and I first met Judy and Vic in 1995 at the Ho-Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, Florida. I was helping Judy  learn how to use a computer and after a few days I said, “Maybe you should just forget this computer stuff!” She always reminds me of that. Today she is fluent at the computer and even gets on Wifi systems as she and Vic travel across the U.S. ministering to those who need a special touch from the Lord. I’ll be forever grateful for God’s bringing us together that summer.

Over the years, we kept in touch. By March 2004, it had become obvious to my wife and me that I needed my second open heart surgery. The doctors told us about the risks, but we still felt this was necessary. On March 24, I was admitted to Tallahassee Community Hospital. Just before the operation, Vic and Judy prayed with Gloria and me by phone. Unfortunately, all the risks the doctors had warned us about came to pass and I fell into a coma.

Note from Gloria—
Danny was in his sixth day in a coma. On this particular day (March 30) I was in a hurry to see him and forgot to leave my tote bag in the waiting room. Before long a call came over Danny’s cell phone which was in my bag. When I answered it, I was so happy to hear Judy’s voice. She was inquiring about Danny. I told her I was going to hold the phone to Danny's ear so she could pray for him. As she was praying I thought I saw him move a bit. When Judy finished, I thanked her and was saying goodbye when I noticed tears in Danny's eyes. I knew the tears were real because his eyes hadn’t run since he’d gone into a coma. As a matter of fact, the nurses kept a salve on them to keep them from drying out.
Back to Danny’s story….
I eventually recovered enough to be moved to a rehab facility. One day Judy called to let us know that she and Vic were on their way to Georgia to pick up a refurbished newer bus they’d purchased. I could not believe my eyes when they walked into my rehab room there in Tallahassee on April 21! . . . to think they’d come out of their way just to see me! Besides their wonderful visit, they must have realized the blow all this was to our finances and they left us a check. That very same day Gloria had a flat tire. Thanks to their gift, she was able to drive to the tire dealer and replace the four badly worn tires. It was almost to the penny what Judy had given us. Who but God? 
Shortly after that visit, I was able to return home. Later the same year, my sister who had been suffering with cancer went to be with the Lord. Then my youngest son Johnny was sentenced to nine years in prison. It seemed like my whole world was falling apart. Judy and Vic kept in my life. They also provided Christian literature for Johnny. They prayed with us that God would use the situation for His glory. I praise the Lord that Johnny has become a true man of God!

I feel stronger today than I’ve felt for many years. Besides helping in my church, I am involved in prison outreach. God has truly enlarged my tent! Since 1976, I have known Christ as my Savior, but it wasn’t until after the operation in 2004 that He and I got a lot closer! I could not have imagined then the things God had in store for me. He truly wants to bless us, and I’m so grateful that one of those blessings has been the friendship of Vic and Judy and the whole Good News team.

DEAR READERS, I put Danny’s story in my column not to focus on Vic and me but on the God who created this universe and all that is in it. He created you and me and He knows how to fix our problems. This story shows how important it is to stay connected with people who will remain faithful and stand by us in prayer and share the promises of God. If you need prayer, email me at baus1@juno.com or call 530-520-1948.

I just talked with Danny and he said that at his last checkup, the heart doctor called him a WALKING MIRACLE! Danny had to choose to believe the Bible and the healing power of Jesus Christ rather than what the doctors told him. 

In the midst of the economic downturns and uncertainties, be careful what you believe. We have a choice to believe that God can fix what He created, and that He loves us and cares for us, no matter what. I choose to believe in miracles and the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dare to believe and expect to receive. And remember, no matter how long it takes, NEVER give up!